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Internships in The Valley

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Our internship vacancies are still vacant, however due to the current corona circumstances our recruitment process might take longer than usual and our responses may require more time than normal. We appreciate your patience.

Why an internship in The Valley?

- The Valley is already part of Amsterdam’s agency landscape for over 25 years
- We are an independent agency and take all the freedom coming with it
- Working on a European and Worldwide level for A-brands, like Nike, AB Inbev, de Bijenkorf, Tommy Hilfiger, and AkzoNobel
- We have won awards like SAN Accents, EFFIE, Esprix, and DIA
- Talent gets the chance to grow at The Valley – therefore, we have several initiatives within and outside the office
- Speaking Dutch is not a requirement

What we offer
You will be based in our beautiful (and bright) open-spaced office in Amsterdam-Overamstel. We work in a dynamic and inspiring environment in which we treat each other with respect and kindness. Our organization structure is flat and ensures open communication. In addition to a tempting package of employment conditions, career prospects, and training opportunities, we offer chair massages, provide your lunch and have Friday drinks at our massive Valley Bar.

Below you'll find an overview with our internship positions. 

User Experience Design

As a UX intern, you have an overwhelming curiosity about people, which informs how you use patterns and conventions. More importantly, you understand where to split from them. At the Valley, you'll be welcomed in a multidisciplinary team with other designers, strategists, front and backend developers.

You are a few years into your studies and are looking for an internship of around 20 weeks. You are keen on learning how to create valuable, digital experiences for real clients and improve on your work, step-by-step. You work with great accuracy and are eager to tackle challenges head-on.

Do you want to hone your prototyping skills? Or perhaps you want to improve the way you present your designs to stakeholders? At The Valley, you will start by defining your learning goals for your internship. We will pair you with an experienced UX designer who will guide you throughout the week. While keeping track of your learning goals, we will unleash you in our projects for great clients such as Nike and FC Utrecht.

Graduation project
You are nearing the end of your studies and have become quite comfortable in translating user and business insights into great digital experiences. Industry-standard design tools such as Figma, Invision, and Keynote don't hold any secrets for you anymore. You are ready to end your study with a bang: hello, graduation project.

At The Valley we believe that there are 3 main ingredients to an exceptional graduation project:
- a clear understanding of your study's requirements,

- a personal ambition to make this your best project so far,
- and an added value for The Valley

This means that we expect an idea of what you want to achieve from your graduation project. Do you want to improve the dutch healthcare system? Break e-commerce standards? Make websites more accessible and inclusive? Or perhaps you want to champion sustainability? Providing us with your ambitions from the start will help shape your graduation project and find something valuable for you, your university, and us.

Visual Design (Creative) 

Hey, congratulations! You chose to pursue a career in design, and that choice has survived all the way to the internship phase. Let's take a moment to appreciate that. You have these shiny new skills, time to see what you can do with them. Are you hoping that design can take you somewhere, or do you feel the urgency to take design somewhere? From here, it will be the contribution you desire to make to design that will frame your career. That's why we're together in The Valley, connected by our craving to produce our best work.

Your first team
The environment you choose to do that will have long-reaching ramifications on your career. Too small a company, and you won't get to fully experience the complexities of working on large projects with multi-layered teams. Too big, and your contributions may go unnoticed. We have that "sweet spot" mid-size team of 80 people. Your diverse squad will consist of: Copywriters, Art directors, UX Designers, Strategists, Data analysts, Front and Back-end Developers, and of course, Planners, Project managers and Client Account Managers.

Is it right for you?
If this is all sounding pretty good to you, then here is what we are looking for. Designers who are interested in all mediums but have a strong affiliation with digital design. You are comfortable with conceptual thinking as well as design systems. You're a sponge that wants to soak up more the mechanical aspects of getting things done and looking to develop your soft skills as well. You're not intimated by large multinational clients and excited by popular local brands.

The hard skills list
- An understanding of visual design for brand communication.
- Confident grasp of UX
- Comprehension of design systems
- Proficient with Sketch or Figma, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Keynote/
- Powerpoint etc. (a few of these are pretty essential) 

Back-end Development

Are you an ambitious HBO student in the ICT field and do you not shy away from a challenge? Then The Valley micht be the place for you!

In addition to your internship, there is sufficient guidance and freedom to develop and work on your (graduation) assignment. As a developer in The Valley you will develop various applications and websites. These applications are developed in .NET and MVC. The applications we deliver are produced from a variety of sources such as Microservices, Rest API's and Soap services.

You regularly work in multidisciplinary teams where you work closely together with Front-end Developers, UX- and Visual Designers. You will be guided by an experienced developer who can you can answer all your questions.

We have experienced that if you have only learned Java at school, this should not be a problem.

Front-end Development

As a Front-end Developer you work in a multidisciplinary team on building and developing the websites of our customers. The websites you work on while using modern techniques and web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery, must meet strict requirements including W3C compliance and Accessibility requirements / Drempelsweg (WCAG 2.0). Herein lies an important challenge for an intern who wants to become any kind of developer.

You are in the third or fourth year of your studies, you work with great accuracy and you have a passion for code.


The Valley is looking for a kick-ass Strategy Intern! Are you studying at college or university and do you want to learn more about corporate strategy? Does the idea of researching brands, markets and consumers excite you? Want to participate in the positioning of our many different kinds of brands? Feel like translating cultural trends into sharp insights and incomparable slide decks? If you answered ‘yes, yes, yes, yes’, you are the Trainee we’re looking for!


As a Traffic Trainee you support the operating of our creative digital agency and you are a ‘spider in the web’, as we call it. You help the Traffic team manage 70+ colleagues and assist with many different projects. You help to provide your colleagues with the right input by setting up resource schedules and monitoring them. We use the Agile working method for most of our projects. In short, a challenging internship in the heart of a creative digital agency. Do you dare?

Marketing & Communication 

A lot happens in The Valley that is worth telling the world about. Based on input from colleagues, you prepare press releases and write posts on social media. You help us improve our corporate PR, assist at organizing client events and are responsible for submitting cases and awards.

Sales & Account

As a Sales and Account Intern you assist the Account Managers with the development of projects both large and small. The working activities are very diverse and mostly overlap with a starting position as an Account Executive. Therefore, we’re looking for a proactive worker who sees new business opportunities and actively approaches them. We need someone who works well in a team and has adequate communication skills in both Dutch and English.

As an S&A Trainee in The Valley you learn what it takes to be an agency and you develop new skills in the field of account management and sales. With close to 80 employees, The Valley is one of the leading digital agencies in the Netherlands and works for Hertog Jan, ABN-AMRO, NIKE Team, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Greenchoice, FC Utrecht and Nationale Postcode Loterij, Vrienden Loterij and more. That means plenty of selling and accounting to do.

Social Media

As a Social Media Trainee your job is to give our agency even more of a face and ensure that our culture is visibly and infectiously spread on all social media. You have a "can do, go get ‘em" attitude and interact swiftly with our marketing department, the Brand strategists, the Creatives and the Copywriters. In doing so, you keep us provided with current and distinctive social media content.

You have a solid knowledge of traditional social media, but you are also familiar with the latest trends. If you can occasionally come up with and publish content yourself, all the better. Together with you, we want to make that special Valley-culture and -feeling visible and express our pride. 

Data Engineering / Software Engineering

Nominow (the data part of The Valley) is looking for a Trainee Data engineer / Software engineer. As a Trainee Data engineer / Software engineer you will be added to the Nominow product development team. You are then involved in the further development of existing parts of Nominow as well as the development of new features for Nominow. You also support the team with the implementation of the Nominow software for various client projects. Nominow works for Tommy Hilfiger, Basic-Fit, Pets Place, Calvin Klein and KPMG, among others.

At Nominow, Data is our drive and we believe that everything revolves around the #id. Unique customer profiles with relevant characteristics ensure that every interaction becomes a binding moment for a brand. We have developed a Customer Data Platform for this and are implementing this for our customers. During your internship you will have the opportunity to work on this wonderful product based on your own research.

Are you in the last year of the HBO Software Engineering course, are you available for at least 32 hours a week and do you have an open, friendly personality? If so, we are looking for you!

Let’s explore if we can make greatness together!

Do you have any questions or do you think you do not fit one of the profiles for 100%? See what’s possible and contact Michelle or Annebel on 020 451 5151.